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can the Rubicon start in gear?

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Hello new to the forum great site wondering does anyone now if the rubicon can start in gear? Read in an old magazine that was one of the perks.
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yea you just have to pull the right brake lever in
it will not start in reverse but it will start in all the foward gears.
Pull in front brake (Right Lever) and it will start in all gears. Even Reverse. Just remember that if you use the throttle to get it going it will go into "Limp" mode. Acts like a two cylinder engine running on one cylinder. If this happens, wait a while or just shut off and restart. You should not need to use your throttle to start, if so, choking it would be better. Just thought that I would pass it on since it happened to me and I was curious at first as to what was causing it to run so poorly. Just a built in safety feature so you don't take off unexpectedly.

Bruiser, the rubicon can only start in gear in foward gears unless the newer models have that feature and if they do im sorry for the confussion.
Maybe it's only the newer models. Mine is a Canadian 2005 Rubicon and it starts in all gears.

Starting in Reverse

Yup! The 2005 will definatly start in reverse with the break lever pulled in!
wish i would have known this before now...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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