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can i turn 28's on a stock rubicon

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i just got a 02 rubicon and was wondering if i could run a 28"s on it im look at eather outlaws or zillas or 589's

would i need a lift ? its about 236 pounds on the bike with me and my g/f on it
also i dont realy wanna put a pipe on it so would a clutch kit help it any ?
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IMO... i would say not that much....
bump any one eles ?
no u would be able to really good it would bog in low get a hmf and jet kit u will be fine
if i got a clutch kit insted of an hmf would that fix it ? i kinda dont want to get an hmf cuz they are loud (i had one on my rancher and it was just to loud )
id go wiht 27s but if u have your hear set on the 28s go for it get teh clutch kit id keep it in low and esp
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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