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Can I temporarily quiet down an exhaust to pass a DNR check?

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I have an FO-14 tractor muffler welded up to the stock spark arrester on my quad. Needless to say it is pretty **** loud. I found out that there is a test the DNR may perform to see if exhausts are under 94db at 19 feet half throttle. I think my exhaust may not pass this test and wondering if anybody knows of any tricks to temporarily quite down my exhaust for such a test.

My friend suggested putting a sock in the air filter to reduce airflow/noise. Would this work? If I did this I would obviously not be giving it full throttle until I removed the sock.

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hey i dont neccisarily have a answer to your question but was wondering what test why would they be performing this test and what does your mod do for reverse
The zip tie eliminates the need to push in the reverse button to shift into reverse. Move your parking brake handle back and forth a few times and see what the cable does when you push the button. You will then know where to put the zip tie.
ok thanks ill have to try it
you could jam steel wool up into the muffler, that may act as a baffle. i wouldnt run it long though because it might fall out.
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