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Can anyone help??

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My brother has an 05 Rincon and when he was in a hole the other nigth it was filled with water just above his pipe and it quit running he has a snorkle on the pipe so we know it is not full of will fire up and idle every time no problem but it will not take any gas it just dies..we checked the breather and it was dry. so if anyone has any info on what they think it might be any suggestions would be great so let me know what you think it is....Thanks
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Maybe water in the carb? Try draining the bowl.
thanks, do you know how to drain the bowl is there a drain hole or something??
There is a drain screw on the side of the float bowl ..

To check the carb right it must be removed and the float boal taken off and checked for water/dirt ..
You need to extend your carb vents and carb drain up to you pod with some 1/4" diameter clear pipe...also extend the four other vents with 3/16" diameter clear pipe up to the pod.
Thanks guys for the help ...we are gonna try that with the vents too.
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