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Camo CLad

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Has anyone ever camo clad a wheeler I was going to do mine and was wondering how it held up and how easy it was to put on
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Do you mean just the camo plastic, or something that goes over the wheeler?
go to that is what i am talking about
Ooh okay, I've never seen that...looks pretty cool, especially if it is cheaper than the camo fender option of atv manufacturers.
ypu can get the atv deluxe kit for around $90.00 I have seen it on trucks and it holds up pretty good but don't know how it would handle the of road stuff
If you use a pressure washer to clean your bike I would be very careful not to peel it off.
Heres a couple pics I just found of a king quad with realtree hardwood Camo Clad.
now thats what Im talking about
I would stay away from the Camoclad brand. They used to be a good quality product, but have gone down hill over the last few years. I would suggest some of the newer camo wraps like Camo4u or Camoskinz
bump...anyone use this stuff yet?
I'm thinking about getting a local guy who does vinyl wraps to put the Mossy Oak New Breakup Camo on mine. Just waiting on him to get back to me with a quote on labor. I'll post up some pics if I get it done.
Ok, I've decided that I'm going to get my 2001 Rubicon vinyl wrapped in the Mossy Oak New Break Up Infinity vinyl wrap. The shop where the local guy works will provide the vinyl wrap and also warranty the material and labor. In you guys opinion, should I get the matte finish or gloss finish vinyl wrap? I'll be getting another friend to powdercoat the racks and wheels gloss black soon so I was thinking gloss, but just wanted to get some different opinions.
i think the gloss would look great
i got the camo4u on my truck and i offroad the **** out of it and its good
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