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Cam chain tightener

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Any point of direction would be great, new to the group. 2003 Rincon, 12,000+ miles. I believe i can hear the chain slapping or ticking from my research. Not finding much for videos or info about replacing cam tensioner/ lifter? Or both while I'm there, replacing the chain and tensioner and possibly the other chain, not sure what it is if its for the oil or water pump chain.. Can i just take off the front engine cover and replace the tensioner? Or do i need to take more of the engine apart to do it properly? Engine runs great just want to do preventative maintenance as i just picked the machine up. Hoping to just adjust chain tensioner or replace it. Was a bit neglected and trying to do as much as i can without going too deep. Please and thank you.
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Do not currently have a service manual, or quite know what the front of the engine looks like, i did the valve adjustment hoping to fix my ticking/knocking noise. That didn't do it.
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