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How do you guys keep your cables clean from all the mud.A buddy tried that cable cleaner(injects oil into the cable). But it just attracted even more dirt and then he had to replace the cables. What's the trick? Or is there something better to do?

00 450 es
with some mods

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the best thing is to just unspool it alittle and clean it with soap and water after each ride.
Yup...When washing the bike, spool it out, spray it and spool it back in...
Are you talking about the winch cable or brake/throttle cables?When I had my old 300 I had problems with the brake cable sticking.I took it off,coiled it up and put in in an oil drain pan with old oil in it.Left it in there for a week and then put it back on...Never had a problem after that.
plumcuda you have a good point, nice catch. for some reason I assumed he was talking about a winch cable or I thought I seen winch cable in his post. I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me again.
Dirty4man.. I guess your eyes are playing tricks on me as well... Get some glasses will ya !!!!!!! I'm tired of seeing things wrong thru YOUR eyes..
Rincon 650 thanks. I see who has my back now.
Thanks guys I didn't understand what you guys meant by spool out the cable. I should of wrote throttle/brake cables but thanks now I know the little trick. Plumcuda how often do you do that?
I only had to do that once,I don't own the 300 anymore.I had that bike when I still lived with my parents and the bike always sat outside un-covered.Seems like the brake cable corroded and would seize up.After I soaked it in old oil it lasted over a year then I sold it.
I'll give it a try Thanks
did he use the tool that clamps on the cabel i use that on my bike its the spray is called cabel life and it comes wiht a clamp that you put around the cabel use it on the bike and no problems have yet to use it on the foreman tho
Yes that is the tool. I am going to try plumcuda's method i like it better.
Would tis tool be worth getting.. or is just buying new cables better..
well the clamp and spray i think you can get for a bit under 15 it pritty much just extends the life of the cabels my injecting some lubricant into the ends depending on how mucn ur cabels cost it may be worth it
It is a good system, I guess you have to do it less often, but after we took off his cables we cut them open. There was alot of grimme in the cable restricting the movement. We guess he over lubed the cable and kept pushing the grimme down into the cable causing it to fail.
dry lube

if you use the cable luber with a dry teflon lube that goes on a liquid and dries a powder you get lubed cables with out the attraction of dirt. I used wd-40 to free them up then brake clean to get the oil out then dry tef lube and no problems.
Good thinking. Never thought of a dry teflon lube.
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