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bypassing the reverse button

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Could I wire the lever down at the transmission all the way back so that you don't have to press the red button for reverse?Would this affect any other gears?When plowing,it's a pain to press the red button every time.
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Try this site (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>) from ebay to bypass the red button. Simple design but works great and am using it myself now. Much simpler and no changes need to be made to bypass backup system. It is well worth the price I paid for it, in fact, I bought two. One for me and another for a friend. Good point is, you can switch back to normal in less than just a few seconds.
I have the ebay thing and love it. It is my understanding that the shifter is protected to not be able to go into reverse when moving to avoid any mistakes. Is this not true? This is to prevent accidently shifting into reverse while moving. If this is the case, shoudn't be a problem either way. I only take the reverse bypass out if bring into dealer for warranty work, which I only have had first 20 hour service so far.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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