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Buying another HMF

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Well I am fixing to get another HMF for my foreman and I was wondering witch to get.....I had the Utility and I liked it other than all the noise! But I can get the penland for a few dollars cheaper! Is there any difference! I heard it was pretty much the same but what does that little thing that goes inside do??
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What little thing ??? Quiet core ? , it helps .. ummm i packed a little steel wool into mine and drilled a few more holes around the "Quiet Core" , itself . basically a tube is all , so mine now is a little more Quiet..... and performance seems to be about the same .... Hope this helps , been working out of town . haven't ben on much ... Sincerely John Let me know if this what you are referring to ?? i'll post some pics.
I have like two quiet cores sitting around the house! I was talking about that little think that is pictured usually with the penland series
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