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Buying a clutch Kit

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I want to buy some 28 inch itp 589's, but i have a stock standard transmission foreman, will a clutch kit cure all of my problems? and if so what type is the best to buy?
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youre still gonna kill your suspension and such with all that unsprung weight. It'll slow your bike down quite a bit too
Well i just went ahead and bought a highlifter clutch kit, i cant wait to see how it performs.
you will not be disapointed
you will be happy with it, it will help alot but still might ot be enough with a stock bike. if it still isnt enough power then you could look into a pipe and jet kit, but i would see how you like just the clutch kit.
Im in alabama right now and my bike is in tx. I work on the road so i wont get to use it till next month, but once i get it on i will tell yall how it works.
I use my clutch kit with a stock bike and it works great.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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