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Busco Beach???

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This is the main place to go mud trails sand water you name it they got it 1600 acres to ride on race anything atv, Camping, Fiching, ect... Any body go here with a foreman I am planing to go again soon after I get my tax money back along with a few mods.
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My son and I have been there a few times. It's only 1 and a half hours away and worth the trip! We are going to try to get up there this sat or sun.
I am going to try to go in about three to four weeks. I am going to get a lot of mods done. Jet kit, HMF pipe, clutch, and maybe a snorkle kit. (Just got income tax return) So I will let you know when I am able to make it out their. I know when I go after those mods me and my wife are going to have alot of fun with the foreman.
Man I know you had fun. I just got some more toys for the foreman today.
I am waiting for the rest of my income tax to get in and I am going to order a lot of stuff for it. I will have my mods posted when I get them in and on the foreman. I will let you know when I am going to go maybe we can meet up and ride out there.
Sounds like a plan. A few of the guys from my shop and I are going up there next weekend too. Hopefully it will dry up a bit. Two sports and a dirtbike! This should be interesting. I think I will be pushing and pulling them more than anything! lolol
I"m going to ride there this saturday.Great place to ride.
I am going to try to go feb 24 or feb 25 if my wife can get off work. I hope so maybe we can all meet up this form is helpful for this stuff. I am waiting for my clutch kit to come it that is the only thing left and it comes in feb 19. I hope I can get that and the DGL put on in one day so I can go out there.
A group of about 10 of us are trying to plan a trip up there near the end of March. I have heard from several people that place gets crazy around sprink break time. I dont know about anyone else, but none of us are bringing wives, gf's etc.. lol
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