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Busco Beach anyone?

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Headed to the beach after a lot of rain! Gonna be a blast of muck!!!!
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When are you going? I will be there next weekend and the following Sunday also. It oguht to be nice and muddy and deep with water. I love riding there! There will be a group of 6-8 of us going. Where are you located. I live outside of Selma.

I went last weekend it was dry but still found some mud
i was going this weekend but couldnt make it. i live right outside of selma myself.


What area do you live in or around?

about 8 or 9 mi. north on 39 near intersection w/ 42. i like your choice of color!
Yep Green is Mean! I grew up on HWY 231 right outsids of Wendell. How do you like the Big Horns? I have a freind who is thinking about getting a set.
bighorns are good around here. thats an old pic of mine, i've got a snorkit, and ap skid plate and stick stoppers now
Group of us were there Sat and Sun (26 & 27th). Trails were nice and muddy
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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