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Several days ago our '06 Foreman burned to the ground. We had gotten the 4-wheeler from the shop in Sept. '06. It had been worked on and serviced at that time. The weather was getting a little cool, so the Foreman got put in the shed until this past week-end. My daughters cranked it up and rode for approximately one half mile when they heard a loud pop. The pop came from underneath the seat. Seconds later they said smoke began to boil from the same area. They jumped and ran from the Foreman as it went up in blaze. In less than 10 mins the Foreman was engulfed in flames and less than 20 minutes it was burnt to the frame and rims.
The Foreman was bought from a local dealer new and had 50 hours of riding time.

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Do you have pictures? Did you by the extended warranty ?
That sucks!! Is Honda going to stand by their product? What has the dealer said about it?
RIP Foreman RIP
The more I think about this the more I am thinking I might have to call B.S...
not really i'm willing to bet a mouse made a nest under the seat and the engine heat caught it on fire.
Pictures will follow. The dealer said he had never seen such, especially with someone still on it. He also stated it may have come from the battery and something seriously went wrong. He was going to turn it over to a Honda rep.
My kids are fine other than my 5 year. He doesn't want to ride anymore. They got off, apparently just in time. There is no extended warranty.
We rode all day Saturday and then this happened Sunday. I am not sure the "mouse" would have rode that long.
thats crazy sorry to hear about it but atleast everyone is okay....... I cant think of any reason that would happen....its kinda scary
well u didnt say that
I know. I have thought about most all possibilities and really do not know why this happened. I hope to find out soon.
yeah keep us posed man, i've got an 06 sorry to hear about her thow RIP glad the kids are allright. pics would be interesting to see. keep us posted

did you ?

was there a winch installed?

the only thing under the seat is a solenoid for the starter right?

they weren't holding down the starter button while riding were they?

just a few questions b/c i am baffled.
There was a winch installed. I will keep you posted. I just got the pictures and they are burning. Thanks for the questions. Keep them coming. I am taking notes to determine which angle to go at. Because, we too, are baffled.
If they heard a loud bang from under the seat the battery could have shorted and blew apart or maybe the carb flooded and backfired thru the air box. The gas would explain why it burned so quick. Glad the kids are ok.
Thanks. What you are saying makes good sense. We will see, hopefully.
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