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i need some bumpers for 06 rincon 680 front and rear that match and are toughern nails
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not sure who it was but on one of these forumns someone had the Warn bumper on their Rinny and it looked killer.
ok i wasthinking about the warn since AP makes a bash plate taht works inconjuntion with thw warn and one question are you running elka shocks on your bike and if you are how do you like them
Get the Warn bumper for the front, and the ATV-guru bumper for the rear.

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i would buythe front bumber and build a rear bumber like the one on GURU....pretty simple design that could be mimicked easily..i like it
those look look nice i think i will get them and john i dont have a welder or very good fabracator skills
oh each his own I guess.
ATV Guru has some great bumpers & other accessories. Check them out

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WOW, just noticed this was an old thread, sorry.

Just remembered about this site & started to check it out
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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