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ok so i ordered a 9005 xenon bulb for my foremman i got it yesterday went to put it in and its completly differnt then my bulb people weresaying it will fit by triming a tab but its smaller then the original and will just fall through the hole and the plut on it is differnet too my stock one has 3 prongs that come off and this one need a plug that goes into it is the reason the bulb dosent fit becuase my foreman is older and they changed the plug for them on the newer models ?
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Not sure about the newer foremans. An H4 bulb fit my 95 with a little trimming. I also changed the socket and added a couple of relays to get both bulb contacts working on the stock hi/lo switch. Used an "off road only" bulb to get 80 watts on low beam and 100 on high. Looks totally stock but gives an amazing amount of light.
those are the bulbs i have
Bulb on the left can be replaced with H4 automotive bulb with very little trimming. I think that street legal bulbs are 55/60 watt but they are readily available in higher wattage "offroad only" or higher performance or so called "whiter" bulbs.
Only 1 filiment will light unless you modify the socket and wiring.
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