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Brush Cutters and ATV discs

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I'm considering getting a brush cutter like the Swisher 44 inch with 12 hp motor and an ATV disc to help clear trails and plant food plots on our hunting lease. My ATV is a Rancher 400AT. The soil on our middle Georgia lease is mostly clay with some sandy bottoms. Do any of you have experience using this kind of equipment on similar ATV's and conditions? I wonder if my Rancher is enough machine to make the discs really work in that hard Georgia clay.

Also has anyone used a tow behind trail cutter like the Swisher? Their advertising says it will cut up to 1 1/2" diameter saplings. I don't think we'll test that but the ground we'll use it on is pretty uneven from recent timber company operations.

Do these things really work or would it be a big waste of money?
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