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brule sand dunes in alberta

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wondering if anybody knows why the entrance that is just past the lodge to the sand dunes is blocked off? from what i hear the wildhorse road is still open but i am concerned about camping spots for may long, loosing that one side is going to cause problems for camping spots.
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i heard it had to do with the provincial park in the area and the noise that was coming from the other entrance to the dunes, too many complaints from paying campers(dicks) but ya there is going to be alot more people in the wildhorse entrance, cause a majority of people where camping in the other, going to have to take a few extra more days off of work to get a campsite now, hopefully not everyone thinks the same
i heard there was a death in brule this past may long i think it happened saturday, i heard a woman got ran over by a racing quad, does any body know if this is true, or what exactly happend, there were a few cops around there and a fire truck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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