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Brown Oil??

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I was looking at my oil today and when I shined a light in the crankcase it was brown?? Now I have heard of black and white oil but never brown. I was riding through the dirty water, but I dont know if that would have anything to do with it. Im getting some oil today and changing it out and Ill post some pics of the oil. So can anyone tell me why it would be this color and what to do?
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I think that's normal, probably still in good shape if it's the brown i've seen in oil before. If it's a milky brown, then you might have a problem.
umm. what color is your oil when it comes out the jug?
The oil is transparent brown out of the bottle. If it dark brown/black its just dirty. If it looks like chocolate milk or gray, there's water in it and you need to flush it out.
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umm. what color is your oil when it comes out the jug?

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But it is alot thiner now like it just come off of the dipstick like water would.
time for an oil change. i change my oil every 25 hours of use
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