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Broken Pull Start

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Well my brother went to try out his pull start on his foreman...... haha you already know what happens..... the rope broke and he busted his butt on the ground... hahah . but when he pulled the cover off it was caked with mud and parts flew everywhere...
He got a 1/4" bolt and stuck it through the hole and siliconed everything up..

So i decided to take a peak inside mine since we ride in the creek alot. Didnt look all the bad. Had some sand in there but nothin serious. cleaned it all up. and put a bead of silicon around the cover and let it gel up a little. goin to install it when i get home from work today..
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There is a small hole at the bottom that is supposed to let the water drain out. It usually gets clogged and that is why that happened. Best thing to do is take it off and seal it completely up or order a pull start leak shield.
Yea we both sealed them up completely.. bottom hole, silicon around the whole thing(made a gasket with silicon), and sealed up the pull start with silicone...

when i bought my foreman the first things that i bought with it was outlaws, lift, pullstartleak sheild, and HP kit, didnt want any problems with that pull start leaking!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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