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Broken Plastic Bumper

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The plastic center piece on my bumper is broke, **** tree jumped out on no where . Im looking for a metal repacement but all the ones i seen go over the plastic one,wich i dont have. does ne one know where i can find one that is easy to install?
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Thanks alot big gonna call them and see if i need the original black plastic bumper becausein the pic on therir site it is still on there...but thanks ur the man
No problem, let me know what they say, the way mines going I will need to know if you have to use it too!
I have the aluminum products skid plate, and i think it is the best on the market!
Yea they really do make a good product. If your talkin about the plastic H lookin peace in the middle of the guard you dont have to run it with the skid plates.
sweet bacause i kinda threw it away after that tree hit gonna order the full body kit!!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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