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Broken Diff Drain Bolt =(

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As I was finishing up draining my rear diff the other, night I went to tighten down my drain plug and after a couple of turns (the bolt wasn't even tight) the head popped right off the bolt. So now I have a 10 mm screw stuck. Before I begin on a journey to remove this thing (which will probably ultimately end in taking a trip accross the street followed by a month of no riding ) I just thought I would ask if anyone had any good tricks or advice on gettin this thing out the easy way.
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You can get a kit call bolt extractor, it fits on your cordless drill it's reverse threaded so it grabs what is left of the screw. Your local parts store should have them in stock. Or you can drill it out but you'll get metal files in the diff.
I got it out! Thanks though!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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