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Broken Center Headlight lens

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I need a good place to order a new center head light lense Assy for my 06 Foreman . Uncovered it yesterday and noticed it has cracked all the way across. My local dealer wants about $60, for the assy , Hope I can beat that $ on line.

I suspect how it happened . Grand kids were conducting batting practice nearby the other day,
oh well stuff happens, I just need to get it replaced. I have already checked ebay for a good used one.
~ dawg
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33150-HP0-A00 001 $32.21
JWJR Thanks ,
That is the part I need, The price I can live with if the shipping is not too bad,
I will order it tomorrow,
~ dawg
dealer should match that price; you would not have shipping costs.
Good point Eric,
I will call them and see what they can do before I order it on line,
thanks all.
~ dawg
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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