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Broken Back Rack Brackets on Rubicon

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Not understanding what broke the Back Rack Brackets >> I'm gong to ask the question of: What is suppose to be the weight limit on these things. For I haven't put no more than 50 pounds on it. And don't ride on ruff ground. Don't abuse this machine at all, if anything, we pamper it to much ....
Brackets that broke was the ones in the front of the rack section, where the rack bolts onto the frame. Has anyone else had this problem, or is this maybe a isolated incident >>>>

Took the seat off, fenders, and everything around it and had a machine shop mig weld the female end of the mounting plate back in place. Worked out perfect, but just don't understand how it happened ~~~~
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Hey guys just wanted to let you all know just got work from HONDA. They aint gonna do a **** thing said rear rack had been over loaded in there opionion. ( DEALER SHIP ..WARD HONDA in troy,al promised to call as soon as representative from honda spoke to them they would call imagine he has been at lunch for last 3hrs.) Now back to Honda will not give me a wriiten warranty denial. (I think in my opionion this is chicken scratch wanted too use anther word but will not) . I have been advised to leave the atv at dealership until I get a written denial. Anybody out there have good advise? My advise to everyone else out there dont deal with Honda period read all these forums they dont stand behind anything. I have been taught a lesson NEVER EVER ANOTHER HONDA ANYTHING.
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