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Broken Back Rack Brackets on Rubicon

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Not understanding what broke the Back Rack Brackets >> I'm gong to ask the question of: What is suppose to be the weight limit on these things. For I haven't put no more than 50 pounds on it. And don't ride on ruff ground. Don't abuse this machine at all, if anything, we pamper it to much ....
Brackets that broke was the ones in the front of the rack section, where the rack bolts onto the frame. Has anyone else had this problem, or is this maybe a isolated incident >>>>

Took the seat off, fenders, and everything around it and had a machine shop mig weld the female end of the mounting plate back in place. Worked out perfect, but just don't understand how it happened ~~~~
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Strange! I've had a chainsaw, fuel and a little bit of everything on the front of my foreman and rode rough trails with something up front. Never had a problem.
That is Strange....I've had over 200 lbs. on my rear rack and never a problem.I'd say it was probably defective from the factory.
QUOTE ("Yooperforeman":367ahdir)
That is Strange....I've had over 200 lbs. on my rear rack and never a problem.I'd say it was probably defective from the factory.
I would bet the same. I've put all kinds of things on mine. I've had People (more than one) on it, its been hit by another bike, I've backed into things, the front of my friends foreman, my wheels and tires, ain't not telling what else. I ride real rough and my racks take a good beating. It is bent from being hit by another bike, but not broke.
i have one of those drop down in the rear baskets on my 2005 ribi . which really puts a strain on the rack mounts when loaded and have not had a problem so far. matter of fact, this summer at the cabin i fully loaded the rack up with cinder blocks a few times and hauled a couple of miles down the road to the neighbors. although, after reading this thread, i did go check the mounts out just for safety and they seem to fine.
I would say its a defect from factory.
Flipped my quad and the rear racks just barely even bent...

My dad has a 2011 500 4x4 foreman the brackets that held the rear racks broke. Honda is saying its gonna be almost 8 weeks from the time we dropped it off at dealership until a factory rep can look at it. The bike has less than 100hrs and riden by a 63 year old with spine trouble ..never abused. Anybody out there have any advise? Is this common?
welcome to the forum
the racks hold up pretty good on hondas
was it the steel part of the rack that broke ....or the weld that broke ?
IMO if it was just a weld that broke i would just take it off and have someone weld it up ! (8 weeks to waite to have it looked at thats BS)
No idea, I've put a good sized doe on the back rack of mine before.
Welcome Mike. Get the owners manual out and call Honda direct. It's not really the dealers fault they have to wait but they have to get the go ahead from Honda or they are stuck holding the bill if Honda doesn't warranty it. If he bought the machine from them I would think they would have worked with him to get it fixed right away but some dealers aren't like that. Best bet for a speedy repair is cut out the middle man and go directly to Honda or get it fixed at your expense.
my rear rack is a pos.

I have had the brackets welded back to the frame 2-3 times and now they are broken again and the rack itself is broken in a couple pf places.

Just not very strong.
i would get a can of herculiner and do the racks. that what i did. the herculiner makes it stronger.
yeah, i used herculiner on my racks too, but, that isn't going to keep the tube metal from tearing, or keep the welds from breaking.
it does help stiffen it up some.
it does help stiffen it up some.
Just makes it ruggeder so the paint doesnt come off when you put boxes and stuff on them. How did it hold up? Duplicolor has spray liner is that just as good? I spray painted mine black (3 coats) and its scratched to dog crap now.
it hold up great. i put alot of layers on it and got it really thick. it doesn't get scratched up. and it helps when you have to stand on the back racks. yeah if you get the spray liner that sprays thru an air gun (like rhino-liner) you can really get alot of coats and get it real thick.
It was the weld that bolts the rack to the frame. I didnt want to have the frame welded. Because i figured it had to be defective. (Most of my buddies have Hondas and i have seen them loaded to the max). I did call Honda they said it could be up to 4 more weeks for there rep to get to dealership. I think that is bull $#!+ . So do i just say heck with the warranty and let them not stand behind there product? Or do without it all hunting season?
i would take a bunch of pictures to show honda and then take the rack off and get it welded up . i dont know what dealer you are dealing with but maybey after hunting season the rep can help you then . IDK man thats a tough one
Welcome Dude !! Ya I think if it was me I would raise some Cain!!!
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