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broke U-joint

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well finley broke something and it was my U-joint does any 1 have any info on replacing them? thanks
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how did u brake a u-joint with mudlites..
trying to pull budy out of a hole turned 4w off to cover him with mud rear end hoped twice thered time was the charm.That's what I get for beaing a smart a$$.
ya dont feel bad i tore the crap out of my winch.. try to show off. bout 8ppl got stuck in this hole.. so i was like wat the heck i went though it i was like 3ft front getting out and just sink.. it was bout 2inch from pipe.. i hooked on to a tree bout 4inch around and it pulled it out of the ground..
a tractor, a rubicon and a 450foreman. and bout 5 hours later i was out.. plus we bried all except the rubicon..
turner cycle has a stronger u joint that with with stand alot more abuse.
jest got bike back today only brok u-joint got lucky my dealer replaced it under the extended worantey that I bought when I got the bike. Everybody says the woranty isan't worth it But I think it is thay have fixed my frount output shaft left CV. and now the u-joint and never cost me a dime and only took them a week to the day. and them bike has 2593 mi and 289hr.all I can say is thankes to hoanda and it is nice to have a good dealer.
I paid 130$ to get mine fixed warranty doesnt cover rear U joint with lift kit!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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