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broke the unbreakable

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ok i figured out that you should never let anybody ride your bike even if you are standing there watching them. a buddy of mine rolled my bike over in some watery mud and sucked it all up inside the engine. needless to say he has blown the engine. it is an 06 foreman 500 and now i need to know where to get some better performance parts to rebuild the engine. it has a bent connecting rod so all the parts i need are internal and since i am doing the work myself there is no point in putting it back together stock so any help would be appreciated
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highlifter doesn't sell all the internals like what i am looking for i think maybe they do and i just can't find them
They sell big bore kits, would that not be what your looking for?
Yeah HL should have all your looking for, Also that is why we dont try to start the bike after it has died or rolled in the water without first pulling the plug.
Call jenn at lonestar powersports, my buddy is rebuilding his big bear moter for the same reason and she got every thing that he needed at good price. And tell your buddy to pay for it, thats why i dont let other ppl drive.
i didn't try to start it after it died it stayed running for about 10 seconds before it died itself and the damage was done. i also stated that hl doesn't sell connecting rods and you can't put a big bore kit on a foreman so i am told.
Do you know what broke the connecting rod? You said that it stayed running for 10 sec. When did you suck in the water if it was not started under water? I dunno...
Yep sounds like the cylinder filled up with water and that was all she wrote. Heck since your gonna redo the engin anyways dont bother boring it out any, just do it enougph to get any scratches out, put a higher compressin piston(not to much) and a cam. Thats where your power really is.
I second that one Sasquatch
rincon 650, it wasn't just water it was mud and i said about ten seconds but i didn't stopwatch it. it ran just long enough for the engine to suck up as much mud as it could until it choked and was actually pulling the mud into the cylinder. i don't know exactly when it bent but when the engine suddenly stopped that was my first clue.

man I am might have to stop being so adventurous in puddles. I just did my first tru water wheelie last ride out... and I liked it!

Maybe I shouldn't be seeking those kind of thrills, we hit a huge dip at the end of the water hole.. my instincts were to gas it out of the hole and the wheely began. But just as well the rut coul dhave been off camber and thus cause a roll over at low speed especially with the front end high in the air.

Probably saved my engine...

I feel for you... I have decided long ago to be an Ass and not let ppl borrow my machine and and let people ride in a dry flat.

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Remember, water doesnt compress. Im surprised this kinda thing doesnt happen more often to be honest.
1st thing ,to bend a con rod the piston either has to sieze and break the wrist pin or the rpms were up when it sucked in the water, 2nd thing ,you cant buy a con rod by its self ,you have to buy a crank and con rod together,been there and it costed 800$ canadian just for that.You can bore it out and cam it up but it wont last as long as keeping the internals as close to stock as possible.Clutch ,intake,exaust,and carb mods are the best way to go,gear reduction if you do sticky deep mud with big tires.If that dosnt work for you than you may have the wrong bike for what your riding
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