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broke something in the drive train or transmission

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Well I guess I finally rode it hard enough. Went to shift out of neutral into first and heard a loud nothing. I was doing something stupid at the time. My buddy was standing right behind me as I was sitting in a bit of mud, so I thought it would be fun to cover him with mud, so I gave her a little gas (about 1/4 throttle) and shifted out of neutral into first, which this usually results in a nice spin out with mud being thrown everywhere, well not this time...instead I hear a loud clunk.
It will shift through all the gears (including reverse) but it just does not move. I can rev the engine but the transmission or drive train is just not engaging or something. As I rev the engine while it is in gear there are no clicking or grinding noises or anything.

Might be something like a broken rinkage or u-joint or something??

Any suggestions?

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How hard isit to fix/replace a u-joint?

Is it something a neophyte can accomplish or should I take it in to the shop?
If it was your U joint you would hear some grinding and other nasty sounds. If you put it in netural can you roll it at all?

Yes it will roll in neutral, actually it will roll in any gear. When it rolls, there is a grinding, clunking noise.
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I'd say you detonated the clutch. That's a bummer.
you broke what honda calls the final output shaft..... i broke 2 of them on my 2x4 foreman and since it was under warranty honda covered it both times....just don't tell them the reason it broke....say you down shifted on a hill and still have a warranty on yours? they should cover it
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