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Broke oil Filter bolts on 500 Foreman UGH! HELP!

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Hey guys, so i went by my dealership today to pick up some Amsoil 10w-40 oil for my 06 500 Foreman. I got home drained the oil, then i was taking off the oil filter cover and 2 of the bolts broke of!!!! i was pissed! now this was my 2nd time changing the oil so i had taken the oil filter cover off before and when i put the bolts back on i didnt tighten them down very tight because i heard there very brittle. so what gives? they both broke right below the head on the threads. So now i have 2 bolts without heads on them stuck in there. So i took it to my honda dealership and they said they can drill and tap them. Should be around $60-$100 the guy said. Now i have a 4 year warranty which i paid $600 dollars for. I know that "technically" its my fault but those bolts shoudlnt have broke! Should i complain? Its at the dealership right now and i should have it back in 1-2 days. What do you guys think??? let me know your input!!

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complaining want do any good, it happens. If the bolts have ever been over torqued, you will break them everytime. you just have to be carefull when installing. I have a cheap set of left handed drill bits for this reason and sometimes you can use a pick to get them out. I have broke a few myself. they dont have to be tight just snug.
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