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Broke My U-Joint Today

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Well I have heard of others breaking theirs but it was my turn today. The weird thing is that I was barley on the gas when it broke. Instead of calling it a day I took it out and rode with front wheel drive the rest of the day which sucks no need to go to the gym after that, but I did find out that backwards water wheelies are more fun than forwards.
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limiting strap

Broke mine doing water wheelies,the suspension drops to far when
bobbing in the water,put a cable or strap from the top of the frame
to the rear axle,will solve that problem
nice wheelie... i havent broke mine yet. thought i heard it poppin last month but it was the bushings in the a arms.
i still have that **** popping noise in the front of my bike.

i changed the bearings and the front arm bushings...only thing left to check is the joints and the front diff.
Do u think that lift had something to do with it
QUOTE ("DIRTYFOREMAN500":u69l85x2)
Do u think that lift had something to do with it
It was probably the combonation of the Perfex the outlaws and I'm not real light on the throttle.
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