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broke back axle question

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i was doin a donut and the left side of my axle broke clean off, sheared it, any way my question is do i HAVE to replace anything other than the axle
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Depending on the condition of the bearings you might need to replace them.
yeah i figured so, i have a little bit of play in the bearing i pulled the axle tube off and shook the axle and theres play but i dont know if its enough play to really need to change the bearings will it wear worse if i just put a new axle in and not change bearings, i already have it orderd from service honda, and do i need to go with new hubs, theyre worn some and have play, do i need to get som new ones
If I were you and had the money to spare I would go ahead and replace the bearings and seals. I bought a rear axle bearing kit on ebay for my rancher for $50 included all bearings and seals , can't see the foreman being much more expensive if any.
yeah i thought about it and then i really took it apart and LOOKED and everything is perfect, no metal in the diff, gears are in really good condition, i guess jumpin a 4x4 makes stuff break (bring it sport bikes) haha, at busco beach i was havin wheelie contests with some sport bike guys, and i think that had somethin to do with it, i had a 1 wheel wheelie goin on and it was on the side that broke
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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