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Bridgestone Mud Hooks Extreme

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Although my stock tires(06 Foreman 500ES) are doing the job for now, I am looking to upgrade as soon as they show signs of wear. I mostly trail ride @ Windrock in East TN. A lot of trail riding, mixed rocky and mud. I am looking for a good all trail tire that can still handle some mud. I plan on installing a perfex long travel and that pretty much it for now. I don't want to sacrifice lots of power or rideability. I was thinking along the lines of radial mudlite xtr's or outlaw mst's. But recently discovered the Bridgestone Mud Hook Extreme's on a web site. Does anybody have any real world experience with the New Hooks, they look pretty good. I don't know much about any of them, the hooks weigh about 38lbs a piece. Is this a lot? Looking to go with 26" on stock rims. I know this is the golden question but any help is greatly appreciated! THIS SITE IS GREAT
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Sorry everybody, this is my first time on this forum. I just realized there is a tire and wheel section below this one.
for the type of riding that you explain you may be better off with the Maxxis Bighorn or the ITP Holeshot ATR.they are both radials and come in the 26" size you'd like and i can say from experience that the holeshot atr's are an excellent trail/all around buddy uses them here in Pa. and we run ALOT of rocky trails with the occasional deep mud thrown in.they are not a "real" mud tire but they do quite well and they went thru alot more than i thought they would.he has over 700 miles on them and they are showing little signs of wear so far.The Bighorn is along the same concept of tire but a different tread pattern for slightly different handling.I know of one guy in our big group with the bridgestone tires you mention and they are some massive treads on them and they are a heavy tire.His are on a Kingquad with plenty of power for them.for myself the next set of tires will be a set of holeshot atr's as they would suit the riding i do better than the swamp fox setup i have now.just telling you from my experience and i'm sure someone else will tell you theirs soon enough.
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i have 25"mudlite at's. im really happy with theese but they on mesure about 23 3/4 to 24 1/4 high. i would go with 26" xl's. i have a couple of buds that have the xtr's and they told me that when they are hill climbing that they tend to not steer very well if they are climbling and in a turn. also have a friend with the xl's and he says no problems with his. im ordering 27" bi/tri's, they are suppossed to be good with trail and great with mud.

hope this helps
Thanks for all the info. I am still curious about the Mud Hook Xxtreme's, does anybody have any information on them?
Hey Tennessee! I live in Overton County and ride around the back waters of Dale Hollow Lake and around Alpine Mountain so you you know what type of terrain I ride in. I too was looking at the Mud Hooks but I decided to go with the Big Horns. I felt that where we ride, there was to much rock and hard pack to have the aggresive tread like the Mud Hooks. I felt that the Mud Hooks tread would be too widely spaced for my preference. I am very pleased with my Big Horns. They do awesome in the hard rocky stuff and pretty good for what little "mudding" I do. They also do a really good job of holding on the smooth round rocks of the East Fork River.
I hope that helps in you decision. I think that Mud Hooks would do just as good as my Maxxis if not better.
Also, one of the guys I ride with uses the Mud Lite XL and it does really good.
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What ever you get, I'd recommend a 26" or 27".
Thanks for all the information! I think I am going with 26" Hooks. Still trying to decide if the weight is too much. 120 lbs seems a little heavy. Thanks again!
what do you think about them? i am goina be gettin a 450 foreman soon and thinking about gettin them? how do they ware etc? thank you
I am very pleased with the hooks. Not sure how they would hold up on pavement but for trial riding with some mud they perform great. I did notice some low end power loss but well worth the trade off for some much improved traction and they look great. Hope this helped
lookin at these tires for my 02' foreman once i wear down my Mud Lites down some more, that shouldent be that long time ahahha. any pics?
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