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Breather Tubes

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What tubes do I need to run up to the headlight pod? The diff breathers, carb, crankcase? I plan to seal up the recoil starter also and the dielectric grease in the spark plug cap. Am I mising anything? What are some other must do's?

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#1 thing to do is plug your carb drain with a screw.if not it will strand you every time!

your breathers are 2 of them for the carb,front/rear dif, brakes,fan

good luck, so when is the HMF coming?
Where are the Tubes located that need to be raised?

Where is the carb line that needs to be raised or blocked off?

I sealed my Recoil this afternoon. RTV style. I think I got it perfect.
Took it off and laid a bead all the way around. around the bolts, and filled the drain hole. Also laid a bead around the pull rope housing and filled the pull rope pocket with rtv and pressed it back in.
The carb drain (needs to be plugged while riding deep water) is on the bottom of the carb and then runs to a check valve on the frame, bottom right side.

There are two vent lines on top of the carb that should be ran up to the headlight pod. The on the rear drums and rear diff there are 1/4" black ventlines that, run along the frame and into it in front of the gas tank. And the larger oil cooler fan has a larger pink vent that tuns to the same place.

They should all be extended to the headlight pod to help keep the water out. All the vents (not the carb drain) can be "T'd" together the ran as a single line if needed. The carb vents have to be vented unrestricted to the atmosphere in order for the carb to function properly.
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