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brand new '06 foreman 500 ES questions

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Just picked up this quad last week for a great deal at $4900 for my first quad. I had a few questions for you guys. First, what the deal with breaking the quad in. The dealership never mentioned anything to me. I haven't been pounding on it but I have opened it up a few times ( 56 mph tops) . It only has 4 hrs on it. Should I try to not ride it so hard. I don't want to do any harm. Also, the gears seem extremely low. First gear winds out at 4-5 mph. Do i need to start in first or can I start in 2nd or 3rd. thanks for the help guys. So far I really love the foreman and the ES is a nice feature. If theres anything else i should know keep me updated.
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here you go. I asked pretty much the same questions a little while back...

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... eak+period</a>
Break it in like your gonna ride it. LOL.
Break it in hard and change oil at 20-30 miles not hours. When you pull the filter out you'll see an amazing amount of shavings. Run up to 100 miles, change oil. Then if you want you can run synthetic at the 200 mile oil change. This is how I've broken in half a dozen machines with zero trouble.
I was also wondering about skippping 1st gear and starting at 2nd gear or even 3rd and going from there. I only really use 1st when loading it up in the truck. The link didn't have anything about this, will this hurt anything? I also have an 06 ES
I start out in 2nd. gear all the time.Only need to start out in first gear if pulling,going uphills,deep mud etc.
I was just concerned if it would do any harm, and it's nice to have the torque of the honda for when you really need it.

When I first got it I worked my way up through the gears during the breakin period to wear off all the extra shavings and just get things moving but after the first oil change I just start at 2nd or 3rd
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