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I have just changed my brakes on my honda foreman 400 and my buddy squeezed the brake lever and the fluid all came out and pushed that thing out. i put it back in and put more brake fluid in but they wont work. what is causing this and what do i do to fix it.

P.S I have drum breaks
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Where did the fluid come out of? What "thing" are you talking about?
Yup I agree dude. You need a lot more detail than that. For sure someone will be able to help.

the part where the brakes pad rests popped out
If the piston came out of the wheel cylinder you have to ensure that there are no leaks when it goes back in and then you will need to bleed the system to get rid of any air that may have gotten in the lines.
Do what H4 said plus there is a star wheel adjuster on each cylinder you have to adjust through the hole in the drum (remove the red plug) once you have reinstalled the drum.

ok and how do u bleed the brakes ? sorry guys im 14 and i have no father so i dont know this stuff

ok i just looked it up and yes it was the piston that came out
The piston will go back in but you may have to remove the brake bleeder for that wheel so the excess brake fluid can squeeze out that's the easiest way ..
Before you install the drums check to see that the star wheel adjusters are working and take note of which way to turn each one to move the shoes closer to the drum. Install the drums and adjust each shoe as you spin the wheel until you feel it grab the drum. Then back off a click or two. Have someone squeeze and hold the brake lever while you slowlyopen the bleed screw and let the fluid and air escape. Tighten the bleed screw before you release the brake lever. Keep repeating this on both sides until there are no air bubbles coming from the bleeders. Make sure to keep the master cylinder on the handlebars full of fresh brake fluid as you do this to avoid getting even more air in the system. Recheck the shoe adjustment.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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