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I just bought the conversion kit for my 2004 foreman. The drum brakes on the front suck! The dick brakes have got to be better. Has anyone changed theirs before? Is it a difficult job?
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yes i have done it and honestly the hardest part is bleeding the brakes if you are doing it by yourself... i did it by myself and there really aint nothing to it... when it came to bleeding the brakes i just pumped it up and straped a wire tie on it ... its really the best investment i have made... good luck and ill be glad to help with anything...
where did you get it and what do they run?

i had a dealer order em for me... i think i ended up giving like 360 after it was all said and done... oh yeah one thing i forgot make sure you have access to a press... i ended up breaking my vise trying to put the new studs in...
I ordered mine from for $350.00. I had to 2nd day air them cause I have a ride I am going on Friday. I will let you all know Friday what it took to get them on.
Im considering the upgrade too but may go with the other kit that is out there
It is a piece of cake to do...Like maa37maa said have a press handy..I also bent the handle on my small vise tying to get the in....
I have to ask, but what is the difference in putting the studs in 4 wheeler rotors versus putting them in car or truck rotors. On a car and truck, you don't need a press.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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