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Brake Plate - sheared bolt into knuckle - need advice

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2001 Foreman 450S
Brake diagram: Wheel diagram:

When installing the front brake plate onto the knuckle, I sheared 1 of 4 bolts (#18 in the diagram) off. The body of the bolt is in the knuckle and I have the head of the bolt rolling around on the floor of my garage. The body of the bolt is NOT coming out of the knuckle.

So, I believe that my options are to buy a new knuckle or to ride with 3 bolts in this part. I do not do any heavy riding but it is an ATV after all. So, what's the worst case scenario with riding with 3 bolts? What's the most likely outcome? It is notable that these bolts have a 22 lb torque spec. At this time, I believe that once the hub, brake drum and hub nut are put on over the brake plate.... that brake plate with 3 bolts isn't going to wiggle or fail. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Machinist are one of the few who can get broken studs out on regular basses. Try just using 3 and keep a eye on it.
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