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Brake Lights Staying On?!?

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Hey guys and gals. Correct me if I'm wrong on all this. I thought my brake lights were only on when i used my brakes. I think it has tail lights also if the headlights are on. But now, since i wired in a switch to cut off my top headlight for my trip to Windrock, they stay on all the time now. Could i have spliced into some wrong wire or what? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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sorry off topic but did you enjoy your trip to windrock?
it was awesome. we didnt get to ride all that muchcause my buddy's starter went out so we went downtown knoxville to watch the bama game at a bar. i will definitely be going back. it just seems like there is not enough time to ride because the place is HUGE!!
Hmmm, I have a switch on third light and don't have that problem. Which were did you splice into. I did the green wire as other have used and this problem does not occur with mine.
i did the green wire too. i dont think it has been happening until i wired this switch in. or at least i didnt notice it.
windrock is 45 min away from where home is. that is where i always ride. i love it. i was actually riding on saturday, rode from 9-4. took it easy and broke in my new 420.
did your try pushing your brake levers forward and/or pulling up in the pedel to make sure the swithes are being pushed in all the way?
i have tried that. any other suggestions?
I had a problem with mine staying on. Ended being the switch on the foot brake lever. Look thru the rear fender and you will see a round switch a couple inches long. Mess with that switch and make sure the foot lever is hitting it whenever you let off the lever.
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