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brake light ?

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i got a 2005 honda foreman 500 es. and the break lights stay on when i use the hand lever. plus i got hand gaurds any replys will help im tired everthing to get them to go off the next step is i guess i will just unplug them.
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whenever you pull the brake lever in it ingages the brake light, make sure your brake lever is going out all the way when you let off of it. just push the lever as far as it will go and see if it will go off. i have seen this happen with the start in gear so im gessing that this problem might be the same.
Yeah,it sounds like something isn't letting the brake lever return all the way back...check to see if something is interfering with it.
Had the same problem. Checked the return on the lever and found that the cable was not operating smoothly. Disconnected cable at the lever and oiled it. Works fine now.
ya the cable isnt goin back in.. thanks i will post back tomorrow after i try to get it fix
my problem

my problem was that the cable seemed to have gotten longer and the handle wouldn't go back forward to push the little button so that the lights would go off...

soooo i tried changing the spring and that helped for a while but then it messed up again, so what i did was took one of those little plastic "eye" things that go on the end of a wire...i put it on over that little knob that pushes the button in.. and it works fine...

works better now than when i got it...

hope that helps
crash i dont real under stand want you are tryin to say..

hahaha that happens a lot....

i'm looney....


on your rear brake handle, there is a little metal tab under that black rubber cover, that pushes in a little black button when you let go of the handle....

mine wasn't touching, which means the lights were staying on, so i put on of those little electric connections on the tab so that they will touch.

basically i added a spacer so that it would push in the button and the lights would go off...
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ya crash
i under stand now thanks.. for your help..adam h
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