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brake adjustment

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Can anyone here tell me how to adjust the front brake? There were no way for me to stop on the front brake and i had to pump it comple of times then it comes on. then in few seconds it doesnt work! someone said i will have to take the red plug out and adjust the brake. but HOW? any pics would be helpful! I tried the exploded view of schematic pics but it doesnt help

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If you have to pump the lever to get the brakes to work you have air in the lines and it needs to be bled out. To adjust the brakes, start by removing the red plug on the wheels. using a flashlight (a bend-a-lite works best) rotate the wheels until you see the adjusters. there are two on each wheel, 90 degrees apart. take a flat blade screwdriver and turn the adjusting wheel in the direction of the arrow until you feel resistance (don't force the adjuster as tight as you can, just until resistance is felt), this backs the shoe up to the drum. If you look on the side of the adjuster, there is a metal tab. turn the adjuster back the other way three notches, you can watch the tab to count the notches. this sets your freeplay for the front brakes. do this four times total and your brakes are adjusted properly. sorry i don't have any pictures but i hope this helps.
if you have an owners manual, it's in there how to do it. Another point is that if it won't hold an adjustment, check the wheel bearings. BTW usually it's not a fluid problem unless you've cracked one of the hose fittings and you see leaks.
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