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Box vs. Bag

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Looking for new storage. So heres my question...

Cargo box vs. rack bag???
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Most canvas bags w/ zippers where out fast around here. If you get a soft sided bag make sure the zipper is well protected.
not so much the zippers as it will prolly rip the straps right off if you load alot of heavy stuff into it.what i did is put 3 bungees over mine to keep it from shifting around on the violent trails we sometimes run on and it keeps it from busting the straps.a hard case is alot more water resistant tho when it does fill up it stays in it.they both have their pluses and minuses.
I have a small bag now. Padded walls so it kinda keeps its shape. I looked at a couple other bag types with no padded walls, didnt like to much. Also the ants really seem to like it in the bag!!!

Heres what I am looking into though...
gotta box on the front rack and the only complaint I have is it filling up with water when I drown the bike
I bought a box at Walmart in the auto dept for $18. I used 4 u-bolts to attach it to the rear rack. I can put a lot of stuff in there for a full day of riding on the trails. The only thing I noticed is that if you put a heavy load in it it changes the balance of the quad on steep hills.
I have a bag but want a box. But then again I have a 500. But the whole zipper gettin stuck and rusted...Vasaline takes care of that.
garym I dont know if you are askin me that question but I'll give ya an answer anyways. I have a cooler bag that I bungee up front. It actually carries everything I need.
coal rancher keeps a soft pack cooler in the box so it won't get crushed and he carries ALOT of stuff that has come in really handy.pruners,a wood saw!!!!(we used it the other week),TP,P name soft pack carries ALOT of tools and tire repair stuff.i could fix pretty much anything but a blown motor and i can reseat tires if the beads break.point is have as much as you can on you if you do long rides and make sure a buddy has the rest of what you'll need......(food,beer,more beer,and some beer)
maybe too late

this may be too late, but if you are looking for storage i have found that AMMO storage cans from any military surplus place is the best dry storage ever! they were designed to keep ammunition dry and free from sand/dirt.

they are completely water tight, they come in tons of different sizes and most of them float if you drop it in water. i use one on the back rack for my camera, phone, wallet, and all sorts of things you don't wnat to get wet. i had it submerged while doing water wheelies for a good 45 mins. and opened it up and everything was dry. the best part is i paid $5 for it and this place near my house!!!!!
Pelican or UK

I use an old Under Water Kinetics dry box. I am guessing it is about 16x12inches and maybe 7deep. I keep 1 or 2 digital cameras in it with extre SD cards and batteries. I also keep keys/smokes/knife/flash light and lighters and anything I want dry. I also keep some of that humidi-dry stuff in it that you use in tool boxes. I prefer Pelican dry boxes. I think their quality has surpassed that of the old UK dry boxes, and they have a much better latching system. Any of the small boxes from either manufacturer will leak sonner or later because they just can't build the latches the same on them. I am pretty sure that the cheapest place I have found them is at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> I am pretty sure that was the cheapest place. I have been looking fora new one to replace the old UK model.
Looking for new storage. So heres my question...

Cargo box vs. rack bag???
I prefer bed box with maximum storage space. This one can bear 75kg and I found it at polaris ranger accessories of Kemimoto. If you are looking for new storage, it may be a good choice for you. Hope it can help.
I have a Dri storage box made by Cajun which I have transferred from three different models. All around great box.
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