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Box Scraper etc

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Does anyone have any experience with your Foreman and a Box Scraper, Cultivator, Harrow Rake, Trail Mowers etc.

I want to know if any of these items are worth using with my 450 ES.

I do like to ride in the mud, but, I do have things to do around the house.


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it should do fine..a buddy and me cleared his hill behind his house with pull behind bush-hogs and mowers to clean it up for his horses..
Scrape Blades for ATV

Does anyone use a dozer blade on the front of their ATV to push anything but snow. In GA we just take a day off and have fun, we don't scrap things.
I built a plow and I use it to push snow rocks trees whatever you think will move, I also pull a two section spring drag don't know the real name but it digs in and turns the earth and in first gear the foreman gets hot but it will pull it at 5 mph in 4x4 all day
I have a blade & a 42 inch brush hog for my 450es and it does just fine. it will cut brush anywere you can ride. Just use it in 4x4 1st gear always.
I pull a 48" Steel deck "Bush Hog" name brand trail mower much heaver than the ones listed in Bass Pro and have no problems as long as you have 4WD for steep hills that have ruts/washes in them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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