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Bout to buy some new tires

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14in rims 27in mudlite XLs

700 dollas. Good deal?
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QUOTE ("louisianarebel":1qu908rk)

14in rims 37in mudlite XLs

700 dollas. Good deal?
Thats a real good deal for 37's
goddamnint i keep doing that.. i been thinking about my truck tires too much..

thanks for all yalls input and help... not.. haha
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wow you bought them already?
No i stole'em schools startin... figured id buy somthing to make it better...
sweet! School must suck!
I still got to get it to run again... the wire that goes to the starter solenoid broke off... dont really know what to do...
Got it runing again.. haha didnt really want to push it to my backyard to take this pic

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