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bought slightly used '05 Rubi

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Hello everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas. We just bought a used 05 canadian trail edition rubi, just under 800 kms on it. It has never seen mud and looks like it came off showroom floor. I have been reading this site and have seen the most common problems that there are. I have put about 30 km on machine so far and love it. The real test will be this summer when I put about 1500kms on it, in the rockies and in the mud. For anyone thinking of getting a Honda, go for it, treat it well and you will ride forever. My old 04 450 has almost 6000 hard kms on it and it is now our spare for friends and family who choose to come along. Very easy riding machines. Happy New Year to all.
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Congrats on the new edition & I hope you have a great New Year also.
Congrats on your purchase. Im sure you will love it, its a great machine. Happy New Year also.
Happy New Year to you dbholomey

I've had 6600 miles of trouble free riding
on my '05 Rubicon

From the Deserts to the Mountains
it changes as my riding style does
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