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bought a can am 800!!!

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i was really tired of getting left behind and i wanted power with out putting a pipe on it and stuff and i love this bike its the best thing i could of bought!! i have all way been a honda guy but **** this thing is awsome!!! the POWER AND SMOOTHNESS IS WHAT I LIKE!!!!! i still have 3 hondas but they just sit there now.
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you tried racing it against one of ur hondas, i saw the tv ad and it looked like it can really take off. just wondering
Seems Honda is the only manufacturer to still use a manual transmission. Whats the use of riding if you can't shift gears, thats half the fun. I'd consider them if they were not automatic shifting.
He could take the top speed of all of his Hondas added up and still beat that on the can am!! Those things are bad ass! Thats gunna be my next investment with 4 wheels
My Dad bought an 800 Outlander 2up about 4 months ago. It is the most powerful ATV I've ever ridden. It can leave most dirtbikes behind. Awesome torque. Hard to even take off in 2wd isn't it? Just sits there and spins. Sounds pretty awesome too. If you've ever heard a V-twin sportbike like an RC-51, SV-1000, Ducati, then you know what it sounds like.
Power is all well and good, but what will it cost to maintain such a beast? I'll stick with a durable Honda and go a lil' slower, longer.
To each their own, I for one am happy that there are enough choices out there to each of us has the opportunity to get something at least close to what they want. Congrats to Darren!
The next bike I'll probably get is the Outlander 800. The power it has is awesome But I will always keep the Honda
glad you like your new bike, the motors and the outlanders are strong. wait untill you get to ride with another v-twin, its a blast, its almost like riding sport bikes.
i will still have the hondas when this beast breaks down, but i bought it so i can go fast and not have to put a pipe and stuff on it. that is the reason i wanted it, now the other was my girlfriend ( we rode one at a mudbog once and she said thats the 1!! )with 2 people on it i rides really smooth and it doesnt slow down much becuase all the power.

ive raced alot of different racing 4wheelers and dirtbikes and i havent really got beat yet, (i went to the sand drags and beat almost everything out there except the banshees with a lot of money in them) i was also on stock tires!!!!!! when there where on paddle tires im going to get some paddle tires on all 4 next time!!
Sounds like someone got bit by the speed bug

Congrats on the purchase!
fellow gulfport rider

congrats on the new investment, i'm guessing you ride off of canal alot. i'm sure i'll see you out there. looks like it will be a decent weekend with all the rain we've had.
did you see the geo tracker stuck in the big hole right off canal? sunk up over the headlights and all. sat there for a couple days. we'll see you out there.
oh and there is an easter ride at red creek on saturday if you havent' heard.

does anyone know how to shrink pictures to put on here. i know there is a way to resize the things but can't find it. maybe it has to do with the amount of beer i drink when i'm trying to find it.
QUOTE ("BGRDForeman":3sjsko94)
The next bike I'll probably get is the Outlander 800. The power it has is awesome But I will always keep the Honda
Same here!
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