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bore kit

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not sure right now but if my bike doesnt just need new rings then i am gonna bore my bike out, any idea how much this will cost? from what im reading everyones is like 1500, but what does that consist of? i have a guy locally that just did a honda rubi and he said he charged the guy 450 or so...just wondering whenever i see the phrase, BORED out or Bore Kit, what does that entitle parts wise?

thanks for the info, i have major stupidity issues at times
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look around on here think someone just done the same thing but not sure what its under
it comes with new rings and a piston. and then they have to bore the clinder out. if ur goin to bore it. get ur head port and polished
hey ruby how much you reckon a project luike that would cost a man??? bore kit,labor, machine shop work and all???
port polished head bout 350 depending on labor.
piston -bout 125.
rings- bout 50
gaskets- bout 50
boring- 150

price may very depending on your shop.. total 725..
what does port and polishing the head do? and why is it so expensive
porting and pollishing means they take all the corners and things out to make it flow better. the reason its so expencive is because, it takes alot of time to get it right. you have to be careful who does it because there is a right and wrong way to do it.
ya mad mudder got there to anwser it before i did. im seen people do it there selfs.. it can b done if u know wat your doing.
cool.....well also how do u know what size piston you would have to get? is there math envolved in that to figure that out? or it is just get this piston and u bore the engine out till u can fit the piston in? also how do you keep a bored out engine from overheating when its an air cooled engine, i have a manual fan override switch on my bike now, but would it be better to move my radiator thingy up onto the rack or whatnot?
u take ur motor to the shop and tell them wat size piston u want either .20 .40 .60 .80 over and then they will price u a piston. and they will bore it tell its that far over. and if u make sure ur oil cooler is clean and u ahve a fan switch.. u should b ok.. u could put a temp gauge if u wanted to.
dont mean to ask a dumb question but i wanna make sure i know what the rings are for and what causes you to have to get a ring thinking the rings fit around the piston and they hold in the gas or whatever on the top side of the piston as the piston pushes up compressing all the fuel into a small space which then explodes and makes fire and whatever else making power......what causes the rings to go bad?

or am i not even anywhere close to what the rings do

also why couldnt you just get a little bigger rings to help seal it off again....i guess i dont understand why you have to get a new piston/new rings and bore out your bike to that new bigger piston
sometimes you can just get the rings it all depends on the condition of the cylinder if they cylinder is scarred so much that you can grabe ahold of it with your finger nail then you need to get it bored out to a biger size because the rings will no cover that area that is scared therefor letting oil though causeing your bike to smoke like a freight train
well called the guy working on my bike today, he said at the most if he had to bore it then it would cost me at the most $700ish, so i told him to start digging into the engine and see what he finds, so might cost $200ish or it may cost more, depends what he finds
so my prices were right. then
yea kinda he said piston would be like $80, and rings would be like $40 and then it would cost like $50 to get it bored becuz the guy knows someone
anyone have an idea of how much a new oil pump/oil cooler will cost?

i got a call today from the guy fixing my bike and he said i have grit and dirt in the system and he recommended changing those out cuz if he just fixed the other stuff and flushed it i would be able to ride for 10 or 15 rides and then it would be back with him getting whatever fixed again, so he recommended changing those out along with new rings/piston and boring and probably a new timing chain as well

he said that i didnt even have a top ring when he got into the engine, it was totally gone, and then he said the piston had play in it

all in all he said to rebuild it would cost me $900ish to get her back up and running...i think thats just parts so im probably looking at more than that to get it done with his labor cost...i figure might as well pay it out now instead of pay for half to get done now and then have to go back and do the same thing plus more later

that sound about right guys? i personally dont wanna get him to fix half of it with the engine torn down then ride a little then have to bring it back for him to tear the engine down again just to fix that plus more

anyone got an opinion on this?

or do i turn it into a project? and just get a new engine and stuff and just put it back into that bike?
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if i got cylinder bored, new piston and rings, new timing chain, new oil pump, new oil coolers how much longer would the bike run before i have another major engine problem, i was thinking about

option 1) getting it fixed and keeping for myself

option 2) getting it fixed and selling it

option 3) dont get it fixed and part the entire bike out and save up for a new bike

option 4) get it fixed and let it sit till i save enough money to get me a new bike and make this bike my girlfriends so she will stop whining about me not bringing her riding

gotta call the guy back today and tell him to order the parts and keep tearing it down and fix it or dont fix it ill come pick it up and ima just part it out

not sure what would be the best option...i save money very slowly so a new bike would be a long ways off, although i do have the money to get it fixed right now and back up and running

anyone that replies to this would be grately thanked by meh
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