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bore it out or not

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hey i got a 99 foreman it dont seem like its got enough power to turn over my tires im thinkin about gettin a bore kit from highlifter do yall no if this the right way to go or not?
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if it aint smoking or low on compression. I wouldn't touch it IMO. There are other means of getting a few more hp out of your engine. Like a pipe, jet kit and air filter. You can also mod you air intake(snorkel) to get more air into the engine. a clutch kit would also help getting the tires turning quicker in the thick mud.
so if it is smokin you would put a bore kit in it would i have to work on it my foreman alot more if i put this kit on it
I just rebuilt the top ends on both of my foremans with just an overbore. the wifes bike I went to a .50 wiseco piston kit and mine I went with a .25 namura piston kit. This way if something happens I can still use the factory cylinders for the next overbore up to a 1.00 bore if needed.

look a few post down in the 450 section, I stated my opinions there on the big bore kits. It's a great mod to get more hp and torque. But to me its not worth it.
well how much do clutch kits run
the wiseco kit, gks kit and bore job cost me around $250 and the namura kit, gks kit and bore job cost me around $200. This was with me doing all the work.
I see you added your list of mods in your sig. I think the clutch kit is around $70-$80 from Highlifter.
thanks man uve been a big help the clutch kit at high lifter is that all u need tho
to have it runnin right
look in the how-to section of this forum, there is a write up on how to install the clutch on a 500 foreman. same procedures as the 450. the instructions requires a puller to install the kit. But it can be done without using a puller. Just read the info and if you have anymore question about it just ask.
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thanks man uve been a big help the clutch kit at high lifter is that all u need tho
What do you mean is that all you need to have it running right? the clutch kit comes with all the parts you need to install it, other than a puller and the basic hand tools. all this does is give the engine a 500 rpm stall to help getting the bigger tires turning in the thicker mud.
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