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Boot Replacement

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Can anyone give me some advice, on the procedure for replaceing a front outer cv boot? Thanks
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well take off your upper ball joint and slide out your axle out of the bearings. then pull it out and remove from bike. if you need to replace the outer boot then the inner boot and joint need to come off first so cut all four bands and order 2 boots 4 more bands and cv grease . slide the inner boot down ,and take off the steel cap by removing a large stop ring(looks like a large clip) from inside lip of the steel cap , remove the snap ring on the shaft and pull the inner bearing and boot off the shaft. now the outer boot can come off by sliding it down and off,check for wear clean and regrease . install new boot on outer joint .boot will have a L after the part #, and install band so the rotation of the wheel forward doesnt have the band lip facing out so it can catch vines/stuff. i use the book to see these things helps alot good luck.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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