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boot guards, bash plate, belly skid, and nose plate-Write Up

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guys I should have the cv guards today, the belly and bash plate should be here tomorrow. Also I built my self a nose bash plate, I took the plastic piece off and built me one just like it, going to finsh it this afternoon and take some pics. then going to go have it Line-Xed black should look killer.

Also if anyone has or knows of a rear bumper for the 500 shoot me some pics. I would like to make one that would protect the tail lights and put little spikes on it to give it a "dont run into me look".
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Well i guess i dont want to ride behind you cause i run into0 everyone lmao
I am going to make them detachable so I can put them on and take them off . It will stop alot of ppl from hitting it when they see it roll off the trailer w/ them on though .
write up

bash plate, boot guards, belly skid

Guys yall wanted a write up on products, well here can be the first one. Aluminum Products, I bought the boot guards, bash plate, and belly skid.

1. The boot guards,

Pros- great fit, 3 sided, light weight, easy to install, no binding of the A arm, does not rub wheel or caliper
Cons- not tall enough, does protect the caliper as good as “I think it shouldâ€
well guys I took the nose guard friday to have it Line-x and I think I am going to powder coated instead. But I will post pics of it on Wednesday, cause I am headed to the big easy for a couple of days...........

That is some very nice looking stuff!!
QUOTE ("Robb":r11py9st)
That is some very nice looking stuff!!
thanks, its a big differance than the POS plastic piece that was up there. 1/4 metal is alot better

Yes, its nice how the bash plate covers the flimsy plastic nose. I'll have to put one of those on the list of things to buy.
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Yes, its nice how the bash plate covers the flimsy plastic nose. I'll have to put one of those on the list of things to buy.
well the flimsy plastic nose, I fabed up one myself that is what the 1st pics are, had it powder coated and you can't tell them apart.

Very nice, i have had nothing but good experiences with this company. i am just waiting to make up my mind on A) lift kit
winch before i order mine. My buddy put the winch kit on his rancher and it fit no problem plus he loved the roller leads.
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After looking at the quality install i think i`m going with the Aluminum Products stuff i just need to find a place up here that sells the stuff. Do they also make a rear diff guard as well ?? I`ve only seen one piture somewere and dont`t know who made it. Is it worth it , the stock one takes a beating. Also has anyone hit there rear drum brake housing ? i`m worried, one good rock and crack. I decided to do all my addons all at once , tires to,still undecided on that. Any input would be great.
Nice write up
did you make that nose gaurd cuz it looks metal
plastic nose guard

RBL that nose guard you fabbed up looks awesome you should consider selling those babies. $$$$$$
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