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bolts under foreman??

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i took my family out today for our 2nd time using our 06 foreman s 4x4. anyway....the bolts that hold the cover under the engine came out. very bottom of the bike. it seems to be a plastic cover. it bent right back but had to zip tie it for the day. anyway....does anyone have any idea of what size bolts they are? the nuts are welded on the underside of the plastic cover. if you dont know the sizes do you have any idea how i should go about finding out? thanks for anyones help!
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The bolts are metric threads. The 05 manual just says to check engine guard and rear skid plate for loose fasteners or cracks and damage. Best thing I know to do is to take another bolt out of the engine guard and take it to Honda dealer and have them get you another bolt.
The (2) front flange bolts are 8X18mm part number is: 90186-GBC-000
The (2) rear flange bolts are 6mm part number is: 90113-GF0-000
Yeah, what he said.
I know this is a super old post, but does anyone know the thread pitch on the 8mm bolt mentioned here?
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