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Bogging out...HELP!!!

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Hi there,
I have an 03' Foreman,new mud lites and the rest stock. I need more power coming out of the hole, should I put in a bigger jet and a new pipe? If so what combination should I be looking at? thanks

Mudd Dogg25
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I assume your running stock now, yes a aftermarket pipe, jet and a air filter will help you out. as far as pipes go, HMF is about the best you can get. It just depends on how deep your pockets are. Or you can go the poor mans way by running a tractor exhaust. Most are using the FO-14 tractor muffler.
Dirty4man is correct as always. With those tires not being much heavier than stock that setup will give you ample amout of power. I'm turning 27" tires that weigh 55lbs. each in the back(with rims) and about 51 in the front. I am using a #132dj jet with the exhaust listed and filter, and it still pulls good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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